Dim records -1999

1. Back to shock
2. City chaos
3. Skinhead
4. Friday night
5. You don`t know
6. Punk`s and skins
7. Heavy dark clouds
8. No brain
9. Boots go marching in
10. Rodneys memory
11. You`re all fake
12. I tried to trust Tracy

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The first cd. It was recorded september 1998 in studo Valhall. Some songs go way back to when the band started 1995, and some were written just weeks before the recordind session. It shows what we sounded like back then. A thing to tell is that the songs are listed in the wrong order on the album cover (I`ve corrected them here).

Svea rike/Pure impact records -2000

This compilation was released by Svea rike records 2000, and later re-released
by Pure impact records in 2001 with a new front cover (the picture).
Battle scarred have four songs on the cd. All taken from the "S/T" album. The songs are
"You don´t know", "Rodney´s memory", "Heavy dark clouds" and "Back to shock".
Other bands are: Chrome, Futhark, Nidingarna, Playmo and Patron ur.

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Dim records -2000

A promo sampler covering one song each of almost every band who´ve released something on Dim records.
25 songs in total. Battle scarred´s "Punks and skins" (Who by the way is listed as "You´re all fake) are on it aswell.

Blind beggar records -2002

Pike Kollberg compiled this cd for Blind beggar during 2001. And the next year it saw the light. 15 bands doing 2 songs each. Cover the most and best in swedish Oi!
Battle scarred´s "From the gutter to hell" and "Pigs on parade" are on it aswell.

Camden town records 2005

1. Put the boot in
2. Do you wanna know?

Recorded January 2004 in Studio Asbest, Stockholm. The last song is a cover
version of Unit Lost, and them aswell have 2 songs with a cover of our
"Pigs on parade" included. The songs are much faster than the original
Battle Scarred sound just to match Unit Lost´s fast and hard style.
Dp from Swedens fastest punkband The Jinx on guest vocals. On camden town records.


"OUR UNITY IS OUR STRENGTH". 7" Barracuda records 2005

1. From the gutter to hell
2. Bootcamp 2001
3. Pigs on parade
4. Our unity is our strenght

Recorded Dec. 2001 in Gävle, Sweden. Two of the songs recorded for the
compilation cd "Brewed in sweden vol.2" These are the early versions
of the songs later re-recorded for "Oi! Oi! music, football & beer"
exept the title track wich is exclusive for this release.
First issued as Battle scarred´s seccond demo in 2001, and now put on
wax by Italy´s Barracuda records.

Dim records  2006

1. Hangover
2. Voice of Oi!

Recorded January 2004 in Studio Asbest, Stockholm. Taken from the session that was supposed to be the split LP with Unit lost (That in the end came out as a 7" instead)
The flipside contains kampfzone´s Logo and drawings. We decided it would be a fun idea to use one side each. They have also 2 songs on their side...

     UT records -2006

    Compilation featuring 14 bands, and 28
    songs. Mostly Vikingrock bands. But also
    acts like PITBULL FARM, and of course
    BATTLE SCARRED... Two brand new songs.
    "Gefle IF" and "Oi! Oi! music, football &
    beer". A brand new, extended version
    with UNIT LOST´s Jugge and SNIFFING
    GLUE´s Kniv-Jocke on guest vocals.

Pure Impact records -2006

1. Intro
2. Fuck your law
3. Pigs on parade
4. Streetfight
5. Molotov cocktail
6. Jack the lad
7. From the gutter to hell
8. Don`t blame us
9. Street justice
10. Rip off
11. Stupid fucking vegan
12. Bootcamp 2005
13. Back in time
14. Outro


Recorded October 2004 in Hangar 18 studios, Sandviken. A cover of The Queers "Stupid fucking vegan" are included as a follow up to "Youré all fake" from the first album.

"THUNDER & LIGHTNING".Cd                        
Barracuda records -2006

1. I won´t run
2. Bring back the skins
3. Här kommer himmelsblå
4. Hangover
5. Thunder & Lightning
6. The backstreet crew
7. Misfit
8. Another cliché song?
9. Won´t give in
10. Concrete city rebels
11. Stand up & fight
12. I´m a rebel
13. Gefle IF 
14. B.A.T.T.L.E  S.C.A.R.R.E.D


Recorded April 2006 in Combat studios, Gefle. A new version of the single "Hangover" was recorded, aswell as two covers. "Bring back the skins" by the legendary Judge Dread. And "I´m a rebel" by Accept. Two bonus songs taken from "Carolus rex 8" compilation is added. The last one slightly re-named.
The cd title however is a dedication to our former heavywight champion of the world. Ingemar "Ingo" Johansson.
Ps... Floyd Patterson (who Ingo won the belt from) sadly died during the recording of this cd. Hope we had nothing to do with it. R.I.P