Latest news.

As we posted on our e-mail "" have been hacked. SO DON`T USE THAT!!
We will use this one from now on: ...Really bad, since our previous e-mail adress is written in all our cd´s...

A gig is booked 12:th of march in San Martino -Italy. At the Bulldog pub.
See you there! We will only play ABBA songs ;-)

This site has not been our top priority for the latest few years, and i guess things will remain that way for a while since we´re too lazy to bother. In the "near" future we will make an effort to make this site viewable again... But dont wait up ;)




Old news

I hummlesta mellan Västerås och Enköping. För mer info skrolla ner
i gästboken. Vi ses där!

The new album is recorded exept for the vocals. Problems with
the recordcompany have caused delays in the work...

Next week (April 5:th) We´ll start to record our new cd.

We´re working on new songs for our new album!
In february or march we will begin the recording of our
brand new cd "GEVALIA" (The latin name of our home town
Gefle/Gävle) for Sound of the street records.

Ok. now it´s finally confirmed...
Unit lost/Battle scarred will play live in Germany  October 7:th...
at Skinhouse Menfis. More info soon...

Svulf is back in the band. A big thanx to Bisson for his short

Both "Oi! Oi! music, football & beer" and the brand new
"Thunder and lightning" are now officially released! Go get ém!!!

A compilation called "Reclaim the game" was released by
German record company Sound of the street records.
Battle scarred have 2 songs on it. The same songs that
were released on "Carolus Rex VIII"

The compilation cd "Carolus Rex VIII" is out on UT records.
Battle scarred have two brand new songs on it. "Gefle IF" and
"Oi! Oi! music, football & beer (New version)" Those songs
will also end up as bonus tracks on our new cd.

The new cd "Thunder & Lightning" were succesfully recorded in
april. And will be out late July according to the record company.
14 songs. Better than ever, introducing Bisson (Forbidden rage etc.)
on bass and Pitch back on the drums. Due to his lack of time, time will tell if Bisson sticks around or if this will be his only appaerence with us.
More info in "Discography"... And a teaser in "Mp3".

Sterre have decided to leave the band. Good luck with VÖLUND SMED.

Studio is booked in April to record our new album "Thunder & Lightning" for
Barracuda records. The title is a tribute to our former Heavyweight champion
of the world, Ingemar "Ingo" Johansson.

The split-ep with KAMPFZONE is out. Check discography for more info.

We will play at Live & Loud  in Bruges, Belgium in June.

After a successful release of "Our unity is our strength" Barracuda records
announced that they want to release our new fullength. So we will start to
record our yet titleless album in April.
...No real news about "Oi! Oi! music, football & beer" by the way.
Hope to see it out very soon!

Original drummer Pitch is back behind the drums after helping out
every now and then since he quit two years ago.
Jocke decided to quit the band due to lack of time. We had a great time
together. Keep on rocking with

Gig in Germany is set in november. Along with  DIE JUNGS.

A split-ep with German KAMPFZONE is planned to be out
in May 2006. 2 songs each.

The ep "Our unity is our strength" is released.

Belgian gig is set atDe Kastelein October 1:st with Hollands finest

Battle Scarred have signed up for Kuggnäs festivalen to play with
bands such as Condemned 84, Enhärjarna, Unit lost, Pitbullfarm etc.
August 8-9.

A deal with Italian label Barracuda records have been made to release our
old "Demo 2001" songs on vinyl. "Our unity is our strength" is the title.

A split-ep with UNIT LOST is out. See discography for more info.

The new record "Oi! Oi! music, football & Beer" Have succesfully been recorded. And it sounds Grrrrrreat!!!! The best damn thing we´ve ever done. After we have discussed it with Pure impact records, we will hopefully put a song on the website. Check in soon...

Oh my we´re fast! We´ve booked the studio again! It´s happening.
Our new cd "Oi! Oi! music, football & Beer" will finally be recorded.
13-14 Killersongs. See Discography later on for details...

We did a gig in nyköping for the "Kuggnäs festival" Sorry we never
posted it erlier on the website.

We´re still talking about
a gig in Köping probably with UNIT LOST and PITBULLFARM. But nothing is
settled... We´ll keep you informed...

The split-cd with UNIT LOST have been mixed and mastered. Hopefully
it won´t take too long to release it
...Speaking of releases. We had studiotime booked for the new cd the first
week of october. But sadly we had to skip it due to personal reasons.
We will try to book a new time asap.
The songs for the split with UNIT LOST "Lost in battle" was recorded in February and will be mixed soon enough... Something to look forward to. Our songs are "Hangover", "The voice of Oi!", "Tattooed and mean", "Put the boot in", "Stand up and fight" ...And the Unit Lost cover "Do you wanna know?"

We´ve re-arranged the band... Tresket(Guitar) and Pitch(Drums) have been replaced by Pontan (Guitar) and Jocke (Drums) ...We´re BACK TO SHOCK, stronger than ever!

The first gig with Battle scarred in over 5 years will take place in Eskilstuna September 27:th. Pitch and Tresket never showed up, so "Jocke" played the drums. Other bands playing: Perkele and Demonbreed. For more info. Check out Prettyshittytown´s website. If you are interested, the video can be bought cheap from Ahrbughi Media Contact them at
Or check our AUDIO section for a clip.