Reviews "Battle Scarred" Dim Records
Pissed & Proud
Battle Scarred have been around since ´95 with different names (Riot, Clockwork Riot) and this is the result of the years that passed. The first thing that i noticed when putting this cd on was the singers voice, a voice that i at first said aint gonna work any good with oi music. I based that prejudice on the fact that it´s a pretty screamy mean light voice. But when listening thru the first three songs i discovered that its the best voice you could have to this kind of easy played oi that Battle Scarred plays. Simply beacuse he´s voice sounds extremly fucking mean when singing about beating people up. And when the backups come in on the choruses im convinced... it really sounds good. Musically this album reminds me of bands as Condemned 84, Combat 84 and Last Resort with the easily played verses and choruses and much bass and guitars that takes the music forward. Of course with help of a vocalist that sounds like he knows what he´s talking about. Well what can i say more. Its a album for people who likes aggressive, pro-violence Oi! with much skinhead related lyrics about lying byrds, cheap beer, fights and friendship. Battle Scarred should also have some cred & cheers for covering "Boots Go Marching In" by Condemned 84 on this Cd. Buy and decide for yourself. But i say its worth the money.
Rank: 4/5
Carry No Banners

CONDEMNED84 and The TOY DOLLS are both cited as the chief influences for this up'n' coming Swedish trio. A strange combination I know but right from the start you can hear it, there's even cover versions of C84's "Boots go marching in" and The Dolls "Trust Tracy" included amongst the 12 tracks on this debut Album. Mixing hard hitting Street loyalties with a great sense of humour BATTLE SCARRED's original material, the best of which is "Back to shock", 'Skinhead", "You're all fake" and "Punks + Skins", is good enough to leave us all hoping that this ain't the last we're gonna hear from them.

Dim Rec.
Wieder eine schwedische Band. Als allgemeine Empfehlung gilt hier: erst Platte hören und dann erst das Cover begutachten. Die drei Milchbärte auf den Bildern bieten ausgereiften Oi der klassischsten Sorte, daß es einen nur so in den Beinen juckt. Klasse Gitarrenarbeit, wundervoll melodiöses Songwriting, die Stimme rauh und aggressiv. Partyknüller. Dafür gibts einfach mal ne Runde Eis von mir.
Rating: 10/10 DC
Real ( R.I.P.)
You can tell the Condemned 84 influence off the bat.
Good melodic Oi! out of the Bowels of Sweden.
Songs about Fighting, being proud to be a skinhead etc the typcial Oi! stuff.
But it stands out above alot of others with songs like; You Don't Know and Back to Shock
For those of you who like Oi! that has talent check this out on Dim Records
United Skins

... Finally a skinhead band that doesn't consider themselves too badass to cover the Toy Dolls, and yet still badass enough to do justice to a Condemned 84 classic. With an obvious nod to the English Oi legends, this teenaged three piece is talented way beyond their years. Battle Scarred is typical of good Swedish Oi, meaning punky music and singalong lyrics a'la Midgards Soner. The lyrics range from standard skinhead stuff (Skinhead, City Chaos, Friday Night) to more personal and meaningful stuff (Heavy Dark Clouds, You Don't Know). There's also the two great covers, the Toy Dolls' ”Rodney's Memory” and C84's ”Boots Go Marching In”. Not a bad song on the album, it's all great and should have no trouble winning over a legion of skinhead and punkrock fans around the world. The track listing on the cd packaging is fucked up tho, with songs listed in the wrong order and one not listed at all. Don't wanna nitpick, but the days of 1982 are long gone. Twelve songs total, all in English.